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Earn Extra Income Incentive

The commission for each business subscription is $40.00 (635.40 ZAR) based on the Subscription Price of $149.99 (2382.59 ZAR). You achieve earnings after the subscriber's 7-day trial ends. There is no commission on the monthly subscription option.

You will have access to discount promo codes to use at your discretion to discount the subscription cost. A discount of $5.00 (73.81 ZAR) reduces your commission by $5. A $10 (158.85 ZAR) discount code reduces your commission by $10 (158.85 ZAR). There is no cap on the amount you can earn. Commission earned are paid on the third week on Friday of every month.


Platinum Star Partner: 6 per day x 5 days = 30 Subscription. (30 x $40 = $1,200/wk. (19061.98 ZAR/wk.).  ($4,800.00/mo. 76247.98 ZAR/mo.).

Gold Star Partner: 5 per day x 5 days = 25 Subscription. (25 x $40 = $1,000/wk. (23,477.01 ZAR/wk.).  ($4,000.00/mo.) (63539.94 ZAR/mo.).

Silver Star Partner: 4 per day x 5 days = 20 subscription. (20 x $40 = $800/wk. 18,781.61 ZAR/wk. ($3,200.00/mo.) (50831.95 ZAR/mo.).

Bronze Star Partner: 3 per day x 5 days = 15 subscription. (15 x $40 = $600/wk. 14,086.21 ZAR/wk. ($2,400.00/mo.) (38123.96 ZAR/mo.).

Important Notice:
You must get your potential subscribers to purchase a subscription online through the My SphereCard website at Subscription purchases through the Apple mobile in-app purchase will not get credited as a sale. 
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