Managing Sales Partner

Accountant at Work

This compensation plan is confidential and, without prior approval, must not be shared.

The commission for each business subscription is US $35.00 (505.66 ZAR) per subscription made by a Sales Partner that Manager Sales Partner manages.

Example of how SMP Compensation Works:

SMP recruits Mary. As a Sales Partner, Mary gets Mr. A, B, C, and D to purchase a SphereCard. (Total 4 sales by Mary).

Based on Mary's sales SMP earns $140.00. ($35 x 4 = $140.00) (2,022.63 ZAR).

If you have 5 Sales Partners and each sold four each (5 x 4 = 20) subscriptions, you will earn $700.00 (10,113.17 ZAR) from their sales.

Earned annual residual is achieved upon renewal of subscription provided the MSP submit a claim with the required information within seven days after the revival of the subscriber's subscription. 

Important Notice: 
You must get your potential subscribers to purchase a subscription online through the My SphereCard website at Subscription purchases through the Apple mobile in-app purchase will not get credited as a sale. 
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